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The Berlin Series Freedom Edition: A Tribute to Courage Military Collection Hummel

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“Genuine M.I. Hummel products are an original work of art created by Goebel Master Artists and based on then drawings of Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel. They are hand-crafted and handpainted according to the traditions of artistic excellence established by W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik, Germany, more than a century ago. Only a genuine M.I. Hummel product bears the Goebel backstamp and the signature of Maria Innocentia Hummel. Members of the U.S. military became acquainted with M.I. Hummel figurines when they were stationed in Germany and spread their popularity throughout the America. To show their appreciation to these enthusiastic collectors of M.I. Hummel and in tribute to their deeds, Goebel has produced the Berlin Freedom Edition Series figurines for U.S. forces. Each comes with numbered certificate of authenticity and special backstamps.

Among them are the “Crossroads Edition” and the “Berlin Airlift Memorial”. They were produced in limited editions especially to commemorate events in the U.S. military history- events that you or your parents experienced. They stand as tributes to the men and women who have served and are serving their country, whether defending its freedom or celebrating the rebirth of liberty as the birthright of all. Production of the Crossroads Edition has been completed by the factory. To complete this series, Goebel has now created “Checkpoint Charlie”- one of the significant symbols of the Cold War.

This commemorative edition includes the M.I. Hummel figurine “Solider Boy” standing next to the Checkpoint Charlie replica. In tribute to the U.S. military personnel this replica bears a special backstamp and is sequentially numbered limited edition of 20,000 pieces. The finished wooden base has an inscription recognizing the accomplishments of the U.S. military that have helped people everywhere to be free.

The Berlin Series Freedom Edition symbolic message holds meaning for veterans and active duty personnel alike.

          Checkpoint Charlie

“Checkpoint Charlie” one of the symbols of the Cold War. A symbol that confirmed the guarantee of the U.S.A. for the Freedom of West Berlin.

          Berlin Airlift Memorial

“Belin Airlift Memorial” honors the Berlin Airlift an unprecedented effort to provide a vital lifeline of food and supplies to the beleaquered city.

          Crossroads Freedom Edition (One)

 “Crossroads Freedom Edition” recognizes the distinguished achievements of the U.S. military. It proudly honors their dedication and steadfast effort in preserving freedom.

Hummels are in new condition. Comes in original packaging, One time, limited edition offer.

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