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“Come Back Soon” and “Evening Prayer” Peacekeeper Military Collection Hummel

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Saluting the Peacekeepers of Operation Joint Endeavor, Operation Joint Guard and Operation Joint Force.

The NATO Peacekeepers of Operation Joint Forge have been there attempting to bring some semblance of peace to a war-torn and war-weary people, the people of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Beginning with Operation Joint Endeavor, NATO Forces began the serious work and sacrifice of lending a hand to a nation in desperate need of assistance. As the need of the nation and its people changed, so did the mission. Now firmly ensconced in Bosnia and surrounding territories, the NATO Peacekeepers continue to bring stability to a battered nation.

W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik, makers of M.I. Hummel figurines, salute the keepers of peace- those who have served so bravely so that others may be free- with a commemorative figurine depicting a child waving a warm welcome to the soldiers who have come to help, along with a child in prayer, praying for peace.

The figurine is a true collectors’ item for those who have served on this mission, or for their families and friends. The wooden base is engraved with a message from Goebel, the certificate of authenticity bears a symbolic image of Bosnia.

Completing this unique product is a porcelain seal with a symbol recognizing freedom and a sign of welcome- an eagle with a yellow ribbon. Surrounding this symbol are the Flags of NATO nations.

With only 3,000 figurines in a worldwide limited and numbered edition, the Peacekeepers figurine will be a treasure that will increase in value as time and the memories go on.

Hummels are in new condition. Comes in original packaging, One time, limited edition offer.

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